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Is Anger a Healing Emotion?

Messages from the Divine

I’d like to blame it on the planets, or on my neighbor’s barking dogs, but the reality is that I find myself really angry sometimes. I’m sick of the constant changes that the world is demanding of us. I’m tired of the stress that comes with marriage and teenagers, and some days, I’m stuck. I don’t want to show up, move anything, or be an energy healer. I especially don’t want to take a risk and be vulnerable in this world.

Once I got over myself, I sat down and opened up to the Divine, asking about my bout of pissy energy to see if anything can be learned. “Is this healthy, this anger?” “Is it intuitive healing?” “Why am I feeling so stuck?” I thought I would share this channeled piece with you, in case any of it resonates. This is the intuitive healer's conversation on energy and anger.

I am feeling stuck and angry today. What is happening?

The Divine: You are feeling the consequences of being small and not stepping in toward the light at an easier time.

Me: Yes, it really pissed me off. I’m deeply angered. How do I heal from this?

The Divine: Being angry is not the final answer. It is a means to know that something is not serving you. It provides the energy for moving into a new space and taking up a new lesson.

Do not get attached to the anger. The energy can be attractive but we are saying to not lean into that feeling in isolation. Use that emotion to free up space in your mind and body to make another choice.

Me: What does that mean? Can you tell me more?

The Divine: “Yes. Anger is seductive. It draws you in, but without direction, it can draw you down into a vortex. If you have clear direction, anger is excellent for moving you forward into the next space and out of your current situation. We are saying that you can move that feeling into another place. Now it resides in your body. It has been hidden from yourself and hidden from others. Let it surface. See it and name it and let it move through you.

Emotions are embodied and are literally stored in our physical body, but they also live in the energy that surrounds us, and the energy that we give off. Intuitive healers and energy healers can sense these emotional vibrations, pull them off, and transform them into something positive. That said, it's hard when you're alone. When I read that “anger is seductive and that it draws you in", I saw how this emotion was distracting me from what I needed to see: in my case, the uncomfortable work of aligning those brilliant parts with the pieces of me that would prefer to stay hidden. Anger and irritation kept me from feeling the shame and embarrassment of old wounds. I needed to peel back the anger and look underneath, at the vulnerable parts that were actually needing my attention. It wasn’t all bad though: Anger gave me the courage to say “no” to someone that I didn’t want to disappoint, to push back on a system that wasn't working, and to demand clearer boundaries from another. At the end of the day, the pissy energy dissipated and I felt more space for the healing work to come. I invite you to peel back that layer of emotion and see what lies underneath. "See it and name it and let it move through you", and remember tomorrow is another day.

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