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Intuitive Healer
Earth Steward and Facilitator

Welcome! I'm Jeanette. My work is grounded in the deep belief that healing is an integral part of the human experience, bridging the tangible with the intuitive. With a foundation in intuitive healing, my practice is dedicated to aiding others in navigating their paths to wellness and understanding, drawing upon the wisdom and energy that surrounds us.

My journey into this field began from a young age, marked by an innate sensitivity to the energies around me. This sensitivity evolved into a profound skill set, enabling me to connect with guidance beyond the physical realm. These connections offer insights and support, not just for me but for those I work with, illuminating pathways toward personal growth and healing.

However, my approach to healing extends beyond the spiritual realm. I am passionately engaged with the physical world, particularly through my work with the Earth. Gardening and ecosystem restoration are not just hobbies for me; they are acts of healing. By cultivating the land and nurturing its growth, I engage in a reciprocal relationship of care and healing that mirrors the inner work I do with individuals.

My commitment to fostering connection and healing extends into my work with The Work That Reconnects, a transformative process developed by Joanna Macy. This work is crucial for navigating the challenges of our times, guiding individuals and groups from awareness to action, and aligning personal healing with planetary stewardship.

Community service is another cornerstone of my practice. As a volunteer with the giving collective ninety-nine girlfriends, I am part of a network of women dedicated to effecting positive change in our community through collective action. Our efforts demonstrate the power of unity and shared purpose in creating significant, impactful change.

My practice is a blend of these passions and commitments, each informing and enriching the other. It is through this holistic approach that I invite others into a journey of discovery, healing, and transformation. Whether through individual sessions, group facilitation, or community engagement, my goal is to foster a deeper connection to self, to others, and to the Earth.

Discover more about my work, my approach to healing, and my involvement in community and environmental stewardship in my conversation with Sara Wiseman, part of the Visionary Psychics. Together, let's explore the pathways to healing and transformation, grounded in love, wisdom, and the beauty of the natural world.

Learn more about Jeanette in this interview with Sara Wiseman and her Visionary Psychics.

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