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Be a Healing Master

Updated: Mar 15

I’ve just been hit a second time with Covid and although it wasn’t as painful as the first round, it certainly wasn’t pleasant. It gave me time to think though. How was I going to be my own healing master? As I lay there depleted and feverish, the information started flowing about ways to ease the healing journey, and yes, be your own healing master. Here is what I’ve learned (so you can skip the feverish, Covid-part):


  1. Own your healing. Your ownership of the process is everything. Your body and soul know it too. Envision yourself actively healing, or even better, already healed. Ask your guides what you need, then listen, watch and feel for the response. For me, I was told to breathe into the stardust that lives in each cell. This slow, focused breathing brought up my energy and helped me rehabilitate.

  2. Be curious about what happens. It is vastly more interesting when you realize that healing is full of mystery. There is so much that we don’t consciously understand and that seems to be the best part. Move toward the intensity of emotion in order to move through it - and be curious about what you find on the other side.

  3. When the window opens, dive in. Healing comes in waves. Everything has aligned in this moment and you have an opportunity to make deep and lasting changes to your health. We can always do our work, but the shifts come faster and easier if you can follow the flow.

  4. Watch for signs and synergies. The world is magical and if you let yourself see it, you’ll be amazed at the information that is being shared with you. Listen deeply for it and expect to see connections appear.

  5. There is always some element of letting go. Now this isn’t my personal favorite. Early loss taught me to cling tightly. Again and again, I have had to learn to release - and then watch the beauty in the breakdown. Leaning into gratitude eases the pain but it doesn’t take it away. Get used to it. This is part of being alive.

  6. Change can happen quickly if we remove the resistance. I never understood this when I was younger. Everything that was hard had greater value to me back then. I needed to show my grit and determination. Then I brought all those lost pieces of myself together and helped them to land in one, gentle place. Now I search for ease and flow instead of that super hard, incredibly brutal stuff. You can too.

  7. Finally, the earth has everything to do with our healing. The earth’s health and our health are intricately linked. We all live at the nexus of environmental health and human health whether we realize this or not. A toxic planet only creates toxic people, and toxic people definitely create a toxic planet. Honor the spirit of the land wherever you are, in whatever way is meaningful to you. Environmental consciousness is our consciousness. Healing the earth is really healing ourselves. So, blow a kiss to the wind and love on that bush in your front yard.

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1 Comment

Elise Meyers
Elise Meyers
Oct 24, 2023

Being your own healing master was the perfect guide for me. Thank you so much, Jeanette!!

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