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What is Intuitive Healing?

Intuitive healing is a beautiful combination of psychic and somatic awareness that draws on my experience and training as an energy healer. I began my energy healing path focused on the body (soma) and the pathways to restore alignment. As my skills developed, intuitive messages started guiding me to see beyond the body and into the soul's longing for connection and love.

I’d like to share my approach to energy healing and how I use intuition and my skills in energy healing work to help clients in an individual session. Below are five aspects that are involved in an intuitive healing session.

1. Soul Lesson

When I connect to Divine energy, I receive messages and images that explain what soul lesson a person is working on at this given moment. Clients may come to me with a question, or with the expectation of a particular outcome, but information is always shared with me in the context of their soul’s work. Sometimes their question is directly answered by what messages are received. Occasionally, a larger question or decision is being asked of the client; one that is not readily apparent at the beginning of the session. That is when a level of contemplation and reflection is needed before an answer becomes evident.

2. Highest Pathway

We have a choice in how we move through the world, even when we are in the depth of a soul lesson that challenges us. If we are paying attention to what the Universe is showing us, we tend to move more quickly through an experience or lesson. If we are avoiding, constricting, or rejecting these messages because they are too painful or it requires too much of us, then we take a different path. Either way, we still continue to work through the soul lesson. When I share with a client, I see their Highest Pathway. That does not mean that it is the only pathway for a client to take in order to heal, but it is one where they may raise their energetic vibration, release what is no longer working for them, and move on to other lessons and learnings.

3. Embodied Souls

Living in a body is not easy. When I look at a client’s situation, I also look at where the energy in their body is not in alignment, or is not flowing at the highest level. We lock in traumas, whether they be physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual. The energetic signature of the person's misalignment reverberates throughout the energy field. You may not feel it directly, but it is often where you have pain, chronic discomfort, or weakness. Energy healing is a way to release that blocked energy and free it up for a higher vibration of emotion like love, compassion, or forgiveness.

I have studied several forms of intuitive healing and energy medicine and I integrate them into my work, especially Integrated Awareness and Craniosacral Therapy. I allow my hands to be guided to where you need support when we are working one-on-one. Sometimes that means my hands are touching your fully-clothed body, and other times, I am reading and interacting with an energy that lives in your energetic field, off of the physical body.

4. Spiritual Support

Intuitively, spiritual support is called in for each client. As the healing unfolds, spiritual messages arrive from the departed, guides, healing masters, or other spirit beings. I do not control who shows up, how they communicate or what information they share. My role as an intuitive healer is to act as a channel and communicate what arrives, knowing that it has meaning for the client, in this moment.

5. Outcomes

I started my healing career working on my own health challenges so I have a deep connection to the shifts that can occur physically when we alter our awareness in some way. Client outcomes have included a lessening of pain, reduced anxiety, a greater ability to share a truth that you’ve been hiding, greater ease emotionally, better sleep, and the strength to ask for what you want. These are just a few healing examples, but if they resonate in some way, I encourage you to reach out and experience an Intuitive Healing or Intuitive Reading session with me.

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